About Us

In the spring of our freshman year (2009) at the Harker Upper School in San Jose, California, we sat next to each other at an assembly the Alliance for Climate Education. We were blown away by their amazing, interactive presentation on climate change and we felt compelled to act. When they offered an opportunity to apply for grants, we said, “why not?”

ACE awarded us $5,500 to do a project at school, part of which was to install a smart sub-metering system. Essentially, such a system gives the school access to a live data feed of its energy use, per building, at any hour of the day. That leads to major cuts in energy waste, which saves money and carbon emissions.

When we saw that the smart sub-meters would benefit our school, we decided to start SmartPowerEd and this website in November 2009 to empower students at other high schools to lead this project for themselves.

Throughout the process, we were mentored by Alexis Ringwald, who was a Fulbright Scholar, co-founder of Valence Energy (now Serious Energy) and the Indian Youth Climate Network, and co-organizer of the Climate Solutions Road Tour. She holds a dual B.A. and Master of Environmental Management degree from Yale University.

- Daniela Lapidous & Shreya Indukuri