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Let’s work together, Secretary Chu.

Welcome to the inaugural blog post of SmartPowerEd! We have a green celebrity sighting today – I mean, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu was featured on NPR on May 26 (check out the audio player at the bottom of this post!). What’s so interesting about it? Well… take a look at this quote.

In my wildest dreams, what I’d love it to be is sometime in not-too-distant future there’ll be kind of a – like a March Madness, there’ll be a lot of schools challenging other schools in their local areas for who’s going to make the most improvement in saving money and saving energy. – Steven Chu

Secretary Chu!! That’s our wildest dream, too!! What a coincidence.

The rest of the interview goes on to talk about nuclear power but let’s not get distracted from the task at hand. SmartPowerEd’s goal is to implement smart energy systems in high schools to save energy, carbon emissions, and money for the school budget. One of the schools that we installed in, Los Gatos High School, implemented an intraschool competition to save energy.

Our ultimate goal is to establish the March Madness that Secretary Chu speaks of, an energy-reducing competition between high schools.

Secretary Chu, let’s work together to get this going by: A) liberating the energy data in public schools across the nation, putting into the hands of motivated students and B) identifying or establishing sources of funding for schools to implement simple, efficient energy-reduction tools like smart-meter technology.

Have your people call e-mail our people.

With all due respect and admiration,
Daniela Lapidous & Shreya Indukuri


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