Get Started

This page is always in progress. If you are looking to start a SmartPowerEd project at your school, please get in touch so we can get your ideas off the ground ASAP.

Installing smart sub-meters at a school may seem like a complicated process. The bureaucracy of the school system is notorious; most students don’t know their administrators very well; and it’s tough to advocate for something you’re maybe hearing about for the first time…!

Not to fear – here at SmartPowerEd, we coach each student team one-on-one through the entire process.

Overall, a SmartPowerEd project can be broken down into several basic steps:

  1. Get an energy grade. With the Environmental Protection Agency’s online Portfolio Manager tool, you can get an idea on how energy-efficient your school already is. This step requires a student to be in contact with the superintendent/facilities director to get energy bill information.
  2. Present the problem and the solution to your administration and peers. Once the energy grade shows you that you have room to improve (and everyone does!), we’ll guide you in making a presentation for your principal or school board about that data and about a smart sub-metering solution. Don’t worry – by the time you’re in that room, you’ll know a lot about smart sub-meters and how they’re beneficial! The smart sub-meter provider can also provide a cost estimate for your school.
  3. Apply for financing. Some schools can fully fund this project themselves, as it is relatively low-investment compared to other energy efficiency projects. Some student teams find grants or fundraise instead. The SmartPowerEd team will guide you to a way to finance a smart sub-meter installation; even if it’s on a loan, the payback period is only 18 months.
  4. Save energy and inspire students! Congratulations, you’ve installed smart sub-meters. Now, it’s up to the superintendent to reduce energy use by observing the software and up to the student team to educate the student body about smart energy and inspire a behavioral change on campus.

Voila! The steps to becoming a SmartPowerEd school are not necessarily easy, but they are definitely worthwhile. Save money for your school. Reduce carbon emissions for our planet. Become a community leader… for yourself.